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School Daze

Posted: March 1, 2009 by judylichtphotography in Teens

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Teenagers are great to shoot, and it is especially fun to point a camera at them when they're supposed to be behaving seriously.   The principal of our local middle school asked me to take pictures of all the teachers, and when I walked into each classroom, without fail, at least five kids zeroed in on me, grabbing my attention, making faces, waving their arms, and shouting commands begging me to focus on them.

I found my favorite spot, just as I was leaving – the stairwell, and I'm planning to go back next week to catch some more kids as they move through their day.

Working at schools is energizing because you see the obvious — those hyperactive, attention-getting teens, but you also find the quiet ones whose intensity captures your imagination.

And of course, the teachers are the core of the school…you'll see the principal and her staff, too.

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