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Image Building

Posted: January 21, 2010 by judylichtphotography in General

Repeat clients are the best.  Over the years, you develop a rhythm, a voice, and a vision together. Laurie Gonyea and I were two moms back in elementary school when we met and started working together.  She has a knitting business, Knit Outta the Box, which sells all different kinds of kits from baby sweaters to texting with your cellphone mittens.  I featured her latest shoot last month.  Today, I thought I'd show some of her earlier photos, back on her front porch, when she started to figure out where she was going with her talent.  Check out her great products at

Socks2September 03, 2004-2framed 

Check out Laurie's new products at

The Cobbler’s Children

Posted: January 15, 2010 by judylichtphotography in General

My mother-in-law reminded me — just a couple of hundred times — that I hadn't taken a family photo of my own kids in years.  Well, the cobblers kids don't have shoes, either…  My children balk and battle me when I want to photograph them.  With all the resistance, I wasn't in a hurry to aim and shoot.  But my mother-in-law was a great catalyst.  She started bugging them, and they would never let her down.  We scheduled our first appointment for a Thursday night at 8 o'clock, but one of my kids was a no-show.  So we bribed them with a great breakfast on Saturday morning, and happily, I can say, my kids came downstairs all smiles for a great time in my living room under the lights. 

Thanks guys…you look marvelous!!!