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If the shoe fits…

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Dog Day Afternoon

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Another pooch shot in my studio…kinda wonder what they’re both thinking.Image

Teens Living with Cancer

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When teens are fighting to overcome the challenges of cancer, it’s hard to find the time, energy, or motivation to exercise.  Teens Living With Cancer (TLC) is a national organization, based in Rochester, NY, that has organized a fitness program, geared to young people struggling to get well.  The goal of the program is to build confidence and physical strength and well-being.  The program is expanding to the DC area this fall.

One afternoon, a group of kids met me at the Bethesda YMCA.  Trainer Nola Murphy brought exercise equipment and moved the kids through some fun activities.  For me, it was great to capture smiles and laughter as they mugged for the camera.  For them and their moms, our hour together was a respite from the rigors of doctors’ visits and listless days recovering from treatment.  For more information, TLC is online at


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Gotta love this pooch!!!  Wish I knew what he was thinking.

A quiet moment

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Amy and I were going through photographs from a Mother’s Day shoot, and we saw this picture of Molly.   A beautiful kid, don’t you think?

Quick Turnaround

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Thursday morning at 7:30, the party planner emailed with a request.  Photograph the Bar Mitzvah boy that afternoon between 4:30 and 5 and turn his portrait into a Warhol poster.  Shooting Levi was the easy part.  Finding a local printer to turnaround a mounted 20 x 20 print in one day (Levi’s party was Saturday night at 7) was the first hurdle.  Figuring out how to Warhol the photograph turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated.  I had an image of Marilyn Monroe quadrupled with bright colored backgrounds, but it wasn’t until I googled photoshop Warhol that I realized it would take a lot more attention to detail than I had time for to duplicate the master.  So I winged it, and here’s what I came up with on short notice…a bit of Warhol and Lichtenstein combined.