Spring into Portraits

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Perfect weather now for updating portraits.  Whatever your mood.

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Great Week

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Wonderful way to start a week…with a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hug.CA8A9494-EditCA8A9508-EditCA8A1539-EditCA8A1451-EditCA8A1837-EditCA8A1349-EditCA8A1498-Edit


If it’s raw, is it cooking?  Gotta ask next time I shoot food in the kitchen at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw.  The artistry is amazing.   See the chef at work and check out what’s for dinner at https://judylichtphotography.pixieset.com/elizabethsraw18/CA8A3863-EditCA8A3859-EditCA8A4063-Edit-Edit

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Spent a wonderful afternoon photographing amazing dishes in the kitchen at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw in DC.  Then sat at the bar sharing these two deliciously potent drinks.   Will post more, put check out the shoot at  https://judylichtphotography.pixieset.com/elizabethsraw18/CA8A4327-EditCA8A4444-Editvia wordpress – Google Search

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I don’t know why this photograph makes me smile — maybe it is about the environmental fantasy that we live in a world where art is suspended in the sky purifying the air.  I found an abandoned medicine cabinet in my alley the other day and I have been photographing jewelry on the mirrored glass . Every shot is different, the sun moving through trees and clouds, shifting angles to balance highlights bouncing off the copper and stone.  This beautiful necklace is a piece I bought from my lovely lovely talented friend Carmen Eliam.  Her website is www.carmeneliamjewelry.com

You can enjoy a browse through Carmen’s collections of necklaces, rings, and bracelets I have photographed at https://judylichtphotography.pixieset.com/carmeneliamjewelry/

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LGBTQ Interns Take to the Hill

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The Victory Institute is an organization promoting political leadership in the LGBQT community.  Photographing this year’s Congressional interns in Russell Senate Building, surrounded by marble columns was refreshing during our national political upheaval.  These kids represent the future and each member of this group talked to me in a way that made me believe in government again.  Check out the organization at https://victoryinstitute.org/about/ and to see more photographs, please visit https://judylichtphotography.pixieset.com/mariocapitolhill18/CA8A1389-EditCA8A1282-Edit-EditCA8A1564-EditCA8A1512-EditCA8A1309-EditCA8A1419-EditCA8A1489-EditCA8A1444-EditCA8A1244-EditCA8A1683-EditCA8A1701-EditCA8A1656-EditCA8A1800-EditJudylicht@comcast.net

Plantings by the Ocean

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Venice Beach