And the Band Played On…

Posted: October 27, 2009 by judylichtphotography in Children

Two months into my busiest season, I have finally focused my camera on teens.  I started the fall at a lower vantage point, shooting a slideshow for the nursery school my kids went to eons ago, and then images for a directory for our neighborhood elementary school.  Kids' faces are so smooth — no wrinkles — and big — their eyes pop out of their heads.  I love the expressions they make, their banter, as they navigate through their first social interactions.  Pushing, pulling, sharing, grabbing, jumping, dancing, stretching, throwing, balancing, pouring water through funnels, and sand through hourglasses.  It's all so interesting to go backwards in time and see the world through the eyes of children, they are so new to forming impressions.  And then to come out the other side again, where the kids are rocking…what a blast!

IMG_0922October 25, 2009-Edit-2 

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