A Day in the Park

Posted: November 11, 2009 by judylichtphotography in General

IMG_2229November 05, 2009

It's raining today, so I won't be shooting outside…no problem. there's always something to do indoors.  I walk three miles in the woods, almost every day, with a group of great women.  It's never boring, because we talk talk talk as we walk walk walk.  What really keeps us going back every day is how different the park looks from one morning to the next.  The lighting, the fullness or emptiness of the leaves on the trees, mist, snow, summer dust.  This year, I've decided to bring my shoots to my favorite spots, which makes me look at the light in a new way, studying shadows and intensity, as I scope out sights where toddlers through teens will feel relaxed and happy, at home outside with their families.

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