The Anatomy of a Portrait Session

Posted: April 6, 2012 by Judy Licht Photography in Uncategorized

It’s a lot of fun welcoming people into my studio for headshots.  A little disclaimer is necessary.  My studio is in my kitchen.  I’ve tried lots of different rooms in my house, setting up backdrops and lighting, but my kitchen is the place to be.  Few people look forward to being photographed.  They come into my house worried about their imperfections. How does my hair look?  Do I have to wear make-up?  I wish I had gotten more sleep — can you see the shadows under my eyes?  Some of the concern seems to dissipate once they step down into my kitchen.  It’s nicely disarming to underplay the purpose of the visit, to be able to seem like we’re about to have coffee…and java often is brewing.  On my part, sometimes I’ve never met my subject before, and if I have, I may see them as they are as a friend, not as they want to be perceived in their careers, so we’re both re-adjusting our perceptions.  My goal is to keep my client comfortable.  I begin letting my subject take the lead, as the clothes are chosen, the hair is brushed, lipstick is applied. As the shoot progresses, I assume more control, experiment with the light, keeping the vibe comfortable by joking and reassuring.  Below is the progression of my shoot of Vassilikis Economides.  It was a fun, upbeat afternoon.  I love the results and look forward to photographing her again.  Shooting is a relationship that gets better over time.  

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