Matthew Frumin for DC City Council

Posted: January 15, 2013 by Judy Licht Photography in Uncategorized

I met Matt Frumin in nursery school — our kids’ nursery school — over 20 years ago.  He has been a constant in our lives at back-to-school nights, on the sidelines at soccer games, clapping for our sons’ band, and celebrating their high school graduations.  Throughout it all, he has been the most civic-minded active participant in local affairs that I know.  Not only is he the go-to guy when you have a question about politics, but he has served on boards and commissions, and he has taken our concerns to city leaders, acting always as a measured, reasonable, and persistent voice, committed to the betterment of the city.  When he worked on the modernization of Wilson High School, he poured over the blueprint of the school to assess its impact on the neighborhood, weighing the needs of the community today, and projecting future trends and demographics in the coming decades.  His big picture vision was matched by his attention to the needs of teachers, who wanted to ensure that the improvements incorporated details that may have gotten lost in the huge scale of the project — the orchestra pit in the auditorium is one example of Matt’s determination to be accountable as an advocate for the students.  Matt has a nuts and bolts perspective of the city, which he has gained through hard work on city infrastructure, transportation, and environment committees. Photographing him in the last few weeks at meet and greets in peoples’ homes, I have been reminded of what a great listener he is. During Qs & As, he brings a wealth of knowledge about issues involving communities in all corners of the city, so comfortable with the inner-workings of the city that he knows specific bus-routes and elementary schools.  He is well versed in proposals to bury power lines and re-route storm water overflow.  As an inveterate problem-solver, he is an optimist, with a vision of the city that improves the quality of life throughout the city, promoting jobs and affordable living for all DC residents.  We need Matthew Frumin on the City Council.  Vote for Frumin on April 23rd.


  1. lizrosej says:

    This is great! Thanks Judy.


  2. Great to see Matt running. During the 11 years I lived in the neighborhood, he was a natural community leader, and took on big responsibilities in dealing with the modernization of Wilson and the the expansion of AU. I grew up in the area and felt his values aligned with mine. He’s a leader motivated by the desire to give, and very good leader at that.


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