A People Person

Posted: March 15, 2013 by Judy Licht Photography in Children, People, Portraits, Sports

The other day, I met Matt at his house as he was finishing lunch. His house was filled with campaign workers and friends inputting data on computers. We drove around the corner to photograph four friends of Matt’s wife Lena, who are very excited about supporting his council race. Matt sat down in a chair in the sunroom in the midst of the group, and while it was a modeled shoot — there was nothing phony about the conversation. Matt is a great listener, engaging and entertaining, and though the session was about him, at each shoot he focused more on the real-life people he was talking to than he did on the camera. A politician who can multi-task while the spotlight is on him. Pretty impressive.


  1. Liz Rose says:

    Wonderful photos of a great candidate and many adorable and handsome members of our community young and old.


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