Facebook and Linked In

Posted: May 16, 2014 by Judy Licht Photography in Uncategorized

Before clients come to my studio, I ask them to think about posing for at least two different types of shots.  The best way to describe what they need is to say imagine yourself on Facebook, and then see yourself on LinkedIn.  A public presence in the media used to be reserved for politicians and celebrities…now mostly everyone needs to be visible online.  When my husband put his professional photo on his Facebook page, my kids laughed at him.  So I shot him one May day with a row of shimmering trees behind him.  He wore a tee shirt and a big casual smile., and  when the kids send him messages, they know they are talking to their dad, not some guy in a suit downtown.  The guy in the suit, though, is the one people know from 9-5, and he needs to maintain credibility when he markets himself professionally online.

Matthew doesn’t wear a tie and jacket to work, just a nicely pressed button down shirt.  As you can see, his image changes from professional to casual and while I was photographing him, he became more relaxed, revealing more about himself.0001_Matthew Weissman April 148531-Edit-Edit 0002_CA8A5845-Edit-Edit 0003_CA8A5893-Edit-Edit


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