Jeff Sessions — Terrorist

Posted: February 2, 2017 by Judy Licht Photography in Uncategorized

As Alabama Attorney General, Jeff Sessions proudly upheld the practice of chaining prisoners to hitching posts.  The barbaric treatment of human beings had its origins in this country in the Civil War.  Many Republicans pride Sessions on his commitment to upholding the laws of the land.  Many laws of the land are repressive and upholding integrity in a lawful manner seems like a more just approach.  Alabama, with no thanks to Sessions, was the last state to prohibit hitching posts. 

If Sessions plans to use his office to further barbarism, is he the right man for the job.  We can only assess people by their past actions and words.  In my eyes, a man who is a proponent of such horrific torture is a terrorist and unfit for an official government position, unfit to be in our Cabinet. 

I apologize that I found this image on the web and I cannot credit the photographer.  If anyone can let me know who photographed this powerful moment, please let me know.  Thanks. 

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