Studio Shot

Posted: January 2, 2014 by Judy Licht Photography in Children, General, People, Portraits, Teens

0001_Family Picture 132814-Edit-EditUsually, I like to take our family photograph outdoors.  Last year, the shot was off a catamaran in Key West;  other times, we’ve gone to Rock Creek Park or found a nice spot near our house.  This year, on vacation, we were all too busy to get dressed for a portrait, so we spent an hour or so in my studio after we got home.  It was strange, treating my kids like clients, inducing them to act naturally under lights.  Marlene sat on a red chair in the middle.  My sons leaned in, curling around her, balancing on posing stools. They were all good sports, and they were spontaneous and fun and kind to each other.  And as my own customer, the mom, reviewing the quality of the photograph, I don’t micromanage the little stuff. Jake wanted to wear checks, Adam chose a striped shirt.  The boys’ shoulders could have been positioned a tad straighter…none of that matters to me, though, because what I see is the affection they have for each other, and what I will remember is that my husband and I were both in the room sharing a nice moment with them.  For me, the photograph is always about the relationship…so I guess I am a pretty satisfied customer when it comes to this product.  Happy New Year!


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