The Elephant in the Room

Posted: January 22, 2014 by Judy Licht Photography in Brothers & Sisters, Children, Families, General, People, Portraits

Great family shoot the other day in my studio.  Zach is two and he was pretty agreeable, but let’s be honest, was he interested in sitting in a chair and posing?  No! What he liked was the stuffed elephant my husband found for him in our old toy basket.  His mom liked it, too, but she wasn’t thrilled with the tusk circling up into his chin.  Standing behind me, she was fretting a bit, controlling herself from forcing the elephant out of his hands — either through reasoning or brute force.  I planted myself in front of her, and she loosened the crick out of her neck, which was great, because kids sense their mom’s tension, and they focus on their parents’ moods instead of playing to me and the camera.  So the elephant stayed, and in three quick moments, Zach’s face changed showing a priceless range of expressions.  0001_Jen Jen 143925-Edit0001_Jen Jen 143926-Edit0001_Jen Jen 143927-Edit

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